Eleven years ago,Just finished fertility also stand of the founder of mother and babyJoyceVisit to France,But physical discomfort caused by inadequate postpartum recovery。When she feeds pigeons in the square,I see a French brand high-end postpartum recovery,After short-term therapy,The effect is amazing。JoyceSure this is her ideal brand。To let more Chinese women enjoy the high quality of post-natal services,JoyceMake thousands of the French brand concept introduced in China,Combined with the Chinese ancient aftercare,CreatedCocodemerThe postpartum recovery noble brand。Several years later,WhenJoycePrepare to visit again at the beginning of the French brand,The shopkeeper has to travel around the news of the nations。
CocodemerCosette cosette mi from Europe and the United States340Sets of high precision in postpartum equipment selection23Set of combination300Years of history of ancient aftercare,Every year30Recovery program,Oriental female body of lapping suitable form、Aftercare、Psychology、Nutrition、Movement as a whole solution。

Eleven years,CocodemerAlways stand in ISO The level of postpartum recovery front,With Europe and the united laboratory、Shanghai university of traditional Chinese medicine、Tongrentang hand in hand,Is dedicated to the pursuit of stand much quality for pregnant、During pregnancy、Postpartum、After the female of reconstruction of inner health and outer。